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So I have moved once again.. still keeping this one as backup but I have invested in a host for my wordpress blog. So add it

Sunday, 07/2/06 at 8:11 pm 2 comments

Really bad…

Really bad cramps today. Just gonna read and possibly write. Won’t hear much from me today. Got a little pissed this morning. Someone on my sex journal here on WordPress tried to use it as pickup joint. I deleted that shit real quick. Anyways, I’m still tired and a tad hungry so off to eat and lay my crampy ass down.

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Am I

Am I a bad mother cause I let Tae stay up longer during the summer? I wonder???

Saturday, 07/1/06 at 10:50 pm 4 comments

Bored and depressed

I am particularly bored today.  Mom just left to go to her boyfriend’s house.  I can’t even see mine today unless he stays outside cause there is more than one spy in this building. Two of whom work from home. Yay! Just when I thought one spy is gone for 2 weeks I find out about another two. Then she told Tae that she better not lie to him if he comes by. Since I don’t want him in the middle of this I will not be seeing him till Monday or Tuesday. I’m gonna tell him to take his moola and get a room down the block from here at the Polo Inn.  This is seriously depressing. She’s never caused such a stir with anyone I’ve dated except John (Tae’s sperm donor). Why now? Shit she didn’t even meet some of them and they’ve been here.  Grr. I guess I’ll go make me some dinner since Tae is eating pizza and then go read. After I update my sex journal.

Saturday, 07/1/06 at 5:13 pm 6 comments

Uh Oh!!!

So possibly tomorrow depending on how long he has to work Chance will meet the mom. Dun dun dun…lol. Not really looking forward to that one.  I should but hey I’m not at all. I want to shield my baby from my mom’s wrath and questions.  Grr. I can’t avoid it any longer I guess. Anyways, he worked 12 hrs today. Yay. Now he’s given me an accounting of what he’s spent some of the money on. McDonald’s, a flashlight so he can read where he’s sleeping, and a pack of cigarettes. So he has about 40-50 bucks left. He was bushed when he called. I’m beat today for some reason but tonight with increased dread. Think I’ll hit the hay early.

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I was…

When these movies were released in the U.S. your age was:

Star Trek: The Motion Picture: 1

ET: 3

The Terminator: 6

Top Gun: 7

Planes, Trains & Automobiles: 9

Steel Magnolias: 11

Home Alone: 12

Wayne’s World: 13

Jurassic Park: 14

Forrest Gump: 15

Fargo: 17

Saving Private Ryan: 19

Toy Story 2: 21

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Uh huh…

So I had to go get a type and cross for my blood transfusion on Monday. I had the friend take me. Yeah I didn’t even bother bringing up Chance today until she mentioned him starting work today. Other than that I kept my lips sealed. My trust with people when it comes to my relationship with Chance now is wearing very thin. I will no longer mention our relationship unless asked and it’ll minimal answers to those I no longer trust in. The ones who I do trust have this link and are reading this other than that fuck em all.

Friday, 06/30/06 at 2:01 pm 1 comment

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